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 - Self adjusting to fit almost any animal

- Won't drop any portion of the animal on the ground

- Heavy-duty zinc coating

- Open hook hangs without threading

- Animal legs are spread open by its weight to provide easy access to pelvic area

- Gambrel remains level even with animal hanging on just one side

- Unconditional lifetime warranty

- All T-Hangers are individually packaged in a clamshell

T Hanger
T-Hanger Hog

The Regular T-Hanger

Model ZM001CS

Holds animals 20-600 lbs

Great for Predator, Hog, Deer, or Elk.

Minimum Span - 12"

Maximum Span - 25"

Weight - 5.5 lbs

Packaged in clamshell.

Heavy Duty T-Hanger

Model ZHD002CS

Holds animals up to 2,000 lbs

Great for heavier animals like Elf, Moose, Buffalo.

Minimum Span - 15 1/2"

Maximum Span - 32"

Weight - 11 lbs

Packaged in clamshell.

Super Heavy Duty T-Hanger

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Model ZHD001B

Holds animals up to 2,000 lbs

Great for very large heavy long legged animals.

Minimum Span - 22 1/2"

Maximum Span - 42"

Weight - 13.5 lbs

Packaged in clamshell.

T-Hanger Chest Spreader

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Model CS001

Holds the chest cavity open (one size fits all)

Stainless Steel Stick Spreader

Packaged in clamshell.

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